Narrowing the Distance Using Collaboration Software
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Narrowing the Distance Using Collaboration Software

Imagine waking up and, instead of running to catch the next very packed subway, going for a half an hour run, taking a shower and then sit down to work with your coworkers in Australia, India and Japan.

A few years ago the story above was science fiction, today it s a way of life for an increasing number of employees working for companies that use collaboration software.

Collaboration software allows teams spread across the globe to communicate and interact fluently to get their work done in spite of the distances. However, their benefits are not exclusive to geographically spread teams, local teams can also benefit from using collaboration tools. These applications allow you to keep a history of the communications within your team, and to track the changes made to a certain document and some of them even allow you to work simultaneously on the same document while viewing the changes the rest of your team makes to that document.

Acquiring a collaboration package is a very smart investment because, among other things, it will allow you to hire resources based on their cost and preparation without being limited by their location. Some companies also use it to reduce their office space and facilities budget by allowing their employees to work from home a couple of times a week. This type of budget reduction can make a big difference for a small business. 

Working from home also means avoiding commuting time and instead using that time for leisure or to catch up with work during heavy workload periods. Getting used to this way of working does not take long and once you try it, there is no coming back!

Groobix allows your team to work together, whether their members are in the same room or spread across the globe. Some of the modules that support this way of working are Notes, Tasks and Messages. For more information about Groobix collaborative modules, visit

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